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Chairs at Shady Oaks Camp. Homer Glen, Illinois.

Mossy ground, at Phillips Camps in Maine.

Girl on the rocks at Phillips Camps, in Oquossoc, Maine.

Facilities at the camp, properly labeled. September 2011.

Leaf, floating in air. Not perfect, but it’ll do. September 2011.

Ah, camping. September 2011.

Ben, having a good time at the camp. September 2011. 

Dan, smoking, camping. September 2011.

Carlos, taking a picture. September 2011.

The beach by our campsite. Wish the weather had been a little better. But it was fine. September 2011.

The trail by the camp. September 2011.

Camped last weekend for the first time. Had fun. Took pictures. September 2011.