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Birds in the port, Portland, Maine.

The side of a ship.


Seagulls swarming lobster boat. Maine.

Boat between the trees.

I’ve always wanted to know what these are.

Lone boat. Maine.

Boat in Marina at Oquossoc, Maine.

Statuesque dog.

Boat with two names. 

Pier perspective in Maine.

Lobster boat with a very dignified name, Maine.

Maine. Enough said.


Having just returned from Maine, and now thinking back on it, It dawned on me how lucky I am to have opportunities come my way like this one did. Many, many people will travel on business to Maine, and deplane to a taxi or a car and see glimmers of the streets of Portland or maybe Bangor, get to an office building and take the elevator ride up to a generic boardroom or conference center.

But being a creative director in advertising, working on the Maine Office of Tourism account, I got to actually experience Maine. Make no mistake, I have not seen it all, not even close. But in the course of 11 days I was able to meet wonderful people and hear great stories and see a side of the USA I would not have seen had it not been for my job. Maine is beautiful, wonderful, glorious and unfortunately, in many ways, an afterthought for many who think about places to travel. But there is simply few places with as much gorgeous coastline, beautiful scenery, and as many quaint little seaside towns that offer good food, and warm smiles. 

It is a place that has left an indelible mark on my mind — and my life. I’ll be back.

The captain, going out to sea. 

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